Friday, April 10, 2015

Two In One

Colleagues recently asked how to remove images from the library's iPads. Wether the images are consuming too much storage space, or the images are simply inappropriate, the following sixty second clip can help turn you into an iPad cleansing super power.

Occasionally, we all make mistakes editing documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. Sometimes, the mistakes are horrific, panic inducing events. Don't worry. Google's office tools have a feature called Revision History that lets you go back in time to restore documents to the state they enjoyed prior to your 'major whoops'.  The video below illustrates how to use revision history.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Windows Password and Wireless?

This morning, I worked with a teacher who could not connect to the ewg_staff wireless network with her MacBook Air. She is one of a few teachers who makes frequent use of a windows workstation connected to the EWG network. Interestingly, the same login name (first_last) used to login to an EWG windows workstation also permits wireless connections to ewg_staff. Last week, she changed her windows password. I'll leave what happens to your MacBook's connection to ewg_staff to your imagination. If you change your windows password, that new windows password becomes your password for accessing ewg_staff. Yes, you will need to reconnect your MacBook to ewg_staff using your *new* windows password. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Metcalf's Wireless and Fourth Graders Rock!

Working with two fourth grade classes on a compare and contrast presentation project was a blast, today. Two classes of students packed into one classroom and opened 46 Chromebooks. Add to that a couple of Macbooks, a few phones, and an iPad, and we were over 50 devices.The Aruba access point(s) performed perfectly. No one dropped a connection, and the bandwidth was good enough to provide awesome responsiveness. I need an "I love my Arubua Access Point" bumper sticker.

I've mentioned a number of times that what is taking place in the elementary schools is going to be disruptive to the junior and senior high schools. I mean that in a good way. Third graders are using learning management systems, and sixth graders are editing video. Today, fourth graders made their first presentations. For all but a few, it was their first experience creating a presentation. Ever! The results were beyond our expectations, as the students created amazing work. Look out world! We'll post some samples later.