Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DropBox Web Server Resync Site

Recently, I described a way to serve exam view test pages from a DropBox web server. Since then, several teachers have had trouble with pages or tests they have uploaded not being served by the droppages (Drop Box) web server. The server responds with a 404 file or page not found. The issue is easily corrected by going to and selecting the reset sync button on the page used to manage your web site. Wait a few minutes, then refresh the  troublesome exam view test or page.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

MASSCUE 2016 Day Two Keynote

A ten year old fifth grader delivered the keynote this morning. He spoke about the stratification of education with an interesting analogy that went something like this:
A well known sports figure Tom Brady is performing at an extremely high level and he plays on a team that performs at an exceptionally high level. People would freak out if he suddenly started quarterbacking a team like the Detroit Lions. Yet, high performing students are typically grouped with students who are the same age, rather than being challenged or expected by their peers to perform at a higher level.
It was surprising insight from a young man who is probably bored, disengaged, and underserved in a traditional, age appropriate classroom.