Friday, September 16, 2016

Printing PDFs From Your MacBook

Everyday Math and many other education sites let you download printable resources as PDF files. Can you print them at school? Yes, you can easily and quickly print PDFs from your MacBook to the school's printers! The video below demonstrates how.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Google Drive Update

Google Drive remains an important feature for teachers still invested in older, traditional word, powerpoint, and excel documents, as well as other files like PDFs. Goggle Drive is their virtual flash drive that backs up its contents to the cloud, averting digital disaster if a Macbook bursts into flames one day. Perhaps it serves a similar purpose for you.

Across the district, teacher MacBooks are popping a Google Drive out of date message. Sadly, the Google Drive app that runs on Macbooks is not integrated into Apple's App Store where updates are easily applied. That bugaboo means that users have to manually update Google Drive, a process that is less than pretty. If you use Google Drive to backup and protect your documents (and you also want to stop the incessant, annoying update Google Drive message), you should update Google Drive. The video below (clumsily) provides enough direction to get started.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Exam View Update Nth


About a year ago,  Google announced the shuttering of drive's built in web server.  I commented about how that might change to your use of old Exam View implementations.  Fast forward to September 2016. Surprise! The day of reckoning is here. After 8/31/2016, you will, reportedly, no longer be able to serve Exam View or other web pages from your Google Drive.

Happily, there are drag and drop solutions which, unlike the kludgy horror show I proposed last October, are easily and freely implemented.

Before you watch the step by step video below, please consider the following:

  • Some versions of exam view are from the mid to late nineties., and they're still in use at EWG! They're nearing 20 years in age!
  • The nineties was a completely different epoch in computing's life span.
  • It's time to upgrade to something newer.
  • Or convert to Socrative, Google Forms (which now has a built in quiz feature), or the formative assessment tool of your choice.
  • Dragging the ancient versions of Exam View into the future has been challenging. The latest workaround will probably work for a while, but future miracles are not guaranteed.
UPDATE 9/8/2016:  The district's content filter blocks Before you go live, contact IT to unlock your droppages domain. For example, if your droppages web site is, you would request that be unblocked for students. Also, as of this update, web pages being served through Google Drive are still available, but that is likely to change soon.
Update 9/28/2016:  And change it did. Google drive web hosting is no more.