Monday, November 27, 2017

Connect Your Phone to EWG_Staff

There are many reasons for connecting your personal device to the district's network. A few include:

  • Save on your personal data plan.
  • Some rooms have no cell service at all. Connecting to the district's network gives your device a connection.
  • Speed the upload of images and videos to your drive. Your connection to the school's network will greatly improve your upload and download times.
Of course, there are reasons you might not want to connect to the school's network. A few include:
  • Your activity is logged.
  • Your traffic, however unlikely, *could* be intercepted by district personnel.
  • Resources you might ordinarily access like reddit, for example, may be blocked.
In my mind, the benefits of connecting to the district's network outweigh any concerns. The speed, availability, and reliability is simply outstanding.  In the case of lower floor rooms at Metcalf, accessing resources through district wifi may be the only way to connect, period.

To connect to ewg_staff, you will need to know the username and password of your old windows account. That's the account you probably haven't used since receiving your MacBook Air in June, 2014. The username format is first_last with *no* @ewg... following; just first_last. The password is, well, whatever you used back in 2014. Perhaps. What? You forgot that username and account from 2014? Ouch! Take a look at the included video. It shows you how to use your MacBook Air to look up your username and password; the same username and password that you can use to connect to ewg_staff. If, after watching the video, you are still stuck, let me know.

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